As of March , this elusive AGP card remains among the very last cards using the aging bus. I believe the Radeon card is in the first slot physically, though the system seems to list the GeForce card first. Claggy Volunteer tester Send message Joined: MacBook Air “Core 2 Duo” 2. Hopefully he’ll look in to this thread and may have some idea’s for you ID: According to this cardtable , this card is able to work with double types. Retrieved 23 March

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The PCIe version series products do not require external power connectors.

How to Enable OpenCL Support on NVIDIA and AMD Platforms

Oh BTW the only reason I’m up now is the winter weather ice pellets is rapping on my window and I just couldn’t sleep through it. There are a lot of cheap cards out that will outperform theand oprncl will support some new features as well.

The Radeon HD series was announced on April 28, Radeon HD Series. I now know that administrator privileges are required, but still neither OpenCL application will work properly.

I am using the OpenCL drivers distributed as part of Catalyst All times are GMT However it looks like you have some work to do so I’ll stop being snarky. Its direct competition was ooencl GeForce serieswhich launched in the same month.


Not during kernel execution. You may want to wait until one of the guys running ATI confirm this as I’m only going on my poor memory of what I’ve seen in passing.

How to Enable OpenCL Support on NVIDIA and AMD Platforms | Geeks3D

The foundation chip, codenamed RVwas announced and demonstrated on June 16, as part of the FireStream and Cinema 2. I’m wondering if there’s anyone who’s seen those particular errors before, regarding the ‘Enqueueing kernel’ message.

OK, the issue is closed. The free and open-source drivers are primarily developed on Linux and for Linux, but have ppencl ported to other operating systems as well.

Browse Search Lookup App. And the second issue is because ATI cards doesn’t support image 2D and Image 3D, if the kernel use this kind of cl memory the kernel cannot be executed.

– Industry’s first Open-CLDriver is public: AMD Catalyst

It would be most appreciated, even if it doesn’t work out in the end. Current technologies and software.

Still waiting for somebody who has used it with DP. That could have been all drivers, ATI included, I don’t remember exactly. The Astropulse WUs didn’t loop with endless messages now: Oh well, looks like I won’t be running any OpenCL stuff for the time being. Support is available for Microsoft Windows at release, for Linux with Catalyst 8. Email Required, but never shown. I only asked because Raistmer mentioned something in the other thread regarding privileges for the OpenCL applications.


Which have a bit EFI? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. It happened last time, when I downloaded version 2. With each crime and every kindness we birth our future. And I, more than many people on the ‘net recognise that the world doesn’t revolve around a particular nation – of course not everyone is going to be awake at the same time, let alone on-line.

Well, some small progress, at least. Any idea when AMD will fix this? According to this cardtablethis card is able to work with double types.