If you formated the drive on a machine that recognized it, it would allow you so see it on the machines that originally had issues. Even if the bad bytes occur in the check bytes, that is detected and data integrity is preserved. Now my database has gone away. If so, and assuming the entire thumbdrive has not yet become inoperable, what are some warning signs that a byte or two have become corrupted? I have had more than a half-dozen USB drive failures.

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I’ve used Other factors like software and drivers I asume are OK. Microsoft Office Microsoft Software.

Bytestor Pro 128gb USB 3.0 High Speed Flash Drive – Black

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I copied the data and sent the media to the manufacturer for a warranty replacement. Check out these links: Sorry for reviving this old thread, but I didn’ see any real resolution.

A solution would be great. No, you should NOT have to reformat the drive on Win7.

USB Flash Drive Speed Tests – VID = 13fe, PID =

Just minimize writes to the USB drive. Even as prices come down to approach the per-gigabyte cost of thumbdrives, the technology remains fundamentally different and often significantly physically larger. Not every failure is a scratch on the media and a special repair drive could have special features.


Wednesday, March 23, 8: Windows Registry Checker tool test. If one is willing to let go of data, cleaning it up completely will help. Any help will be appreciated. A clean room is not needed here, or is it?

And playing music only reads the information once for each play. Hi, I need some guidance and introduction into using USBs for carrying my application.

Various problems can cause the error message, from faulty USB ports or software drivers to corrupt partitions or even a dead USB drive. Or should I copy them first to my hard drive and then play them. The drives would attach but not so in Disk Management nor as a Folder under the Computer. I love Windows 7 and hope you guys come up with a more tangible solution. Speaker His recent research focuses on hardware-software co-design, bytesttore systems. USBDeview make this test by writing a large file into the USB flash drive, and then reading back the same file to getting the read speed.


ByteStor USB Dataferry 32GB

Check it out here: Remove From My Forums. Oh I believe in yesterday. I run a Windows 7 bit machine. I have used USB drives daily for several years, moving data between 3 computers in different offices.

Sign in to vote. As software and technology gets more amd more complex, the amount of storage you need spirals out of control. Here is a great article on that: I am trying to save onto a bytestor flash drive using Windows XP system, but it keeps.

Bytestor Pro 64gb USB High Speed Flash Drive – Red | eBay

The flash disks will still wear out, and how quickly will depend on how you use them, but the SSDs likely use a better quality flash memory than your run-of-the-mill USB thumbdrive.

Bytestor multi card reader driver. I had the same problem on a previous USB drive, bought a new one and all was OK for about 3 weeks, then it happened to the new drive bytetore.