Not a fan of the action, though same as the WX-P1. The CTK arrived in good working condition. The drawbar organ function provides realistic reproduction of rich drawbar organ sounds that have long been popular with musicians everywhere. Previous Topic Index Next Topic. You may want to share this on casiomusicforums.

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CTK – Electronic Musical Instruments – Manuals – CASIO

Guru Platinum Member Registered: I still use a WK to flesh out song ideas and practice. There are plenty on eBay.

The same controls are now available for the P1 via the iPad app. Using fast fast speed with a dry organ signal, even with the Vent, always sounded a bit weird and Phasey due tck-691 some overemphasized harmonic beating emanating from the keyboards.

User memory area for storage of up to setups created using digital drawbars that control the level of each foot setting, percussive, and more. The sounds are ck-691 much better than before and blow Yamaha away. Some snobs may cringe, but it depends on how deeply you may have gone into the editing.


And I could never find an internal sound that was usable. Plus I need a patch that will cover left hand bass, and so far I have not been able to make the drawbar organ do an upper lower manual ” split”. The XW-G1 can do some neat stuff.

CTK-691 Manual

If so, your choices open up quite a bit. New enhancements make the improved ZPI Sound Source better than ever, providing you with professional sound for all your keyboard efforts. You can obtain waveforms for tones that are totally different from the built-in tones, and customize the keyboard to your own specific needs.

Out of the box it sounds OK but there are a couple things I did to it to make it really work for me. Drawbar Organ Function The drawbar organ function provides realistic reproduction of rich drawbar organ sounds that have long been popular with musicians everywhere. The Rhodes EP are the only sounds that aren’t that good.

Casio CTK-691 is a good keyboard?

I cazio workarounds and they were clumsy. Login or Sign Up. I think the reason for that is the demographic here. Join the HC Newsletter. P so i’ll pick up the casio one Add to your Watched Users.


Casio CTK and WK – an appreciation – MusicPlayer Forums

Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. Which it was very good for. Life for its own carnal pleasure. People may knock Casio but they probably haven’t heard these latest releases with the new ZPI soundsets!

The CZ then the CZ1. I think the Mrs. My first board with 61 full-size keys was a CTK, and I still have it around.

Is the the newer model? Where are you from? There are tons of drawbar organs great B3 samples!

I practice on it all the time and because it is so light and small, it goes everywhere- and has taken one hell of a beating, but it still ticks. I recommend you to check out the European online store and compare the prices.