The Quick Start Guide is minimal and instructions for installing mapping software for Asia, but a call to Semsons cleared that up. George Hucks Zire Originally posted by paulkbiba Yes, I gave it a good review on the site. Wow, manipulating this PPD is not for the “computer faint at heart. Just check out the OCN forums and let me know if you have any questions.

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When you enter this you will be presented with the map activation code which you enter into the PPC. Where do I get the activation key?

Download holux gpsmile 60 usb sync driver

You start the program again and this time when you are asked if you want to activate the maps say Yes and a screen comes up with a space to enter the number. So far it’s really on there good. I don’t know how much room is left on the SD card with the seamless map and install on there but I would suggest doing something like the following to maximize the free ram on your holux: I have tried other known and old addresses but nothing happens.

Thank you for the information. So I do think there is a happy conclusion, despite the fact that I spent too much effort on that trouble.


It’s a perfect solution for me and there are no reception issues. It will tell you that there is not enough memory there but if you click ‘No’ to install in another location it will go ahead and install onto the SD unless the seamless map truly doesn’t leave enough room. Some notes on activation TMC services aren’t all that mature yet and my current phone doesn’t have bluetooth.

Update a driver for hardware that isn’t working properly PostScript printer drivers: It’s nice glsmile you can always login and get your activation codes. The hardware is more than up to the task. Anyway, getting back to my screw up. I look forward to your review. When you tweak your Holux, do you do it on the Holux or do you connect it to your PC and use the active synch to do the tweaking?

Thanks for your input. Now you gpsile select the Storage Card.

Holux GPSmile 60 Pocket PC with Integrated SiRF III GPS(Car Kit included)

So I figured out that if you minimized the storage area in RAM the install will tell you there is not enough room and let you pick another location. In the end I bought a temporary disk mount from semsons and stuck it on the side of my console passenger footwell area. I had all of them refreshed and ypsmile it’s nice.


All in all not a bad deal since you would have to buy a SD card anyway. Select Forum News – www.

Gpsmiel for your reply. Holux was founded inis based in Hsinchu, Taiwan and is a producer of consumer GPS devices like loggers and navigators. Coming soon — or new driver information forum The link for that is here: For example, I wanted to enter my “Home Address.

I’m not too bummed about the Wifi. If you just run a regional map which your XL license permits you to do you can get away with MB.

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I nolux it two days ago and I’m really impressed. This Holux comes with “Pocket Word. I like that MyGuide Holux at the gpsnow website.